IAKS Study Trip 2019 to innovative sports and leisure facilities in Hamburg (Germany)

IAKS Study Trip to Hamburg

The 2019 IAKS Study Trip gives the unique opportunity to get to know Hamburg’s lighthouse projects in the exercise sector over two days.

The Hanseatic city has been one of the first cities worldwide to receive the recognition “Global Active City” in September 2018 – a commendation for the fact that Hamburg enables its population to adopt an active and health-conscious life-style.

Cast a glance behind the scenes in areas which you would have no access to without the study trip. Get to know successful operating strategies. Find out which forward-looking ideas are applicable to your region. Meet the architects and operators of these facilities: „Eimsbütteler Turnverband“ sports centre, „Kaifu-Bad“ pool, „Parkour Creation Center Hamburg“, „Edeloptics.de“ – Arena, „Welt der Bewegung“ open air activity area, the community centre in Neugraben-Fischbek, and the „Barakiel Halle“, Germany’s first and completely inclusive sports hall.

(Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Thies Raetzke)


Hamburg is a „Global Active City“

The “Active Well-Being Initiative” revealed the names of the world’s first “Global Active Cities”. Together with Hamburg, Buenos Aires, Lillehammer, Liverpool, Ljubljana, and Richmond, were awarded. Each city has embraced a management model that motivates people at risk of inactivity-related illnesses to take up regular physical activity and sport. In order to receive the “Global Active City Label”, they each had to pass an independent audit with a stringent review of their physical activity and sports strategies and working practices.


(Photo: www.mediaserver.hamburg.de / Christian Spahrbier)