Call for Abstracts

IAKS members, organizations, companies and individual experts are invited to submit their ideas or specific proposal abstracts for either a presentation or round table discussion as part of the programme for the 2019 IAKS Congress in Cologne.

Presentations are generally 20 to 25 minutes in length and must include a PowerPoint (or equivalent) presentation in English. Round table discussions are an hour and have 2 to 3 experts. Both presentations and round table sessions will be chaired by an expert selected by the IAKS.

Preference will be given to submissions that reflect the overall goals of the IAKS Congress.

Submissions or abstracts should include information based on the following headings:

  • Title of the presentation or round table discussion,
  • Learning outcomes for delegates and a statement of the importance of the proposal,
  • An overview of the presentation or round table topic, limited to 300 words,
  • A description or background of the presenter or round table participant with supporting information regarding their specific expertise and qualifications.  This description is limited to 200 words,

All proposals and abstracts must be submitted to the IAKS in a single-page pdf format. Proposals or inquiries should be submitted to the IAKS Congress Secretariat at 

Deadline for the submission of proposals and abstracts is February 28, 2019.